With Blossoms

Sakura blossoms herald the arrival of Spring. And for ROKU, new beginnings with our first-ever limited edition offering.

Presenting Sakura Bloom, where each sip unveils the transient beauty of Sakura flowers from bud to bloom to fade.

Sakura Bloom Limited Edition

Experience Hanami
In A Bottle

In homage to Hanami, ROKU Sakura Bloom layers sweet florals with hints of saltiness from blossom leaves. A blend of six uniquely Japanese botanicals enhances its natural sweetness, creating a gin in full bloom.

Sakura Bloom Edition
Bottle of ROKU Gin
Bottle of ROKU Gin

Sakura Bloom Edition
Tasting Notes

Delicate Complexity,
In Full Bloom

The Nose

Bright and inviting, evoking the freshness of early Spring. Gentle and soft floral scent of the cherry blossom, reminiscent of a Japanese garden during Hanami.

The Palate

Soft smooth top notes, subtly sweet and richly elegant. A nostalgic hint of the saltiness of Sakura-mochi, the traditional sweet of the season, balanced with the fruity sweetness of the cherry blossoms. Meticulously blended with Roku’s original botanicals.

The Finish

A lingering finish that invites the next sip. As each blossom falls away, a new blossom is anticipated.

The Botanicals

Sakura Leaf

Rested in salt, Sakura leaves become sweeter. This limited edition's unique Sakura flavour comes from salted Sakura leaf distillate - enhancing the rich aroma of the Sakura leaf traditionally used to wrap mochi in Spring.

Sakura Flower

The Yaezakura is a late bloomer. One we patiently wait to harvest each year. Famed for its beauty and strength, this double-flowered Sakura is handpicked and freshly macerated in spirits for its floral, sweet aroma.

Yuzu Peel

Harvested mainly in Western Japan in Winter, we prize Yuzu for its deep aroma and body, richer than ordinary lemons.

Sencha Tea

Japan’s most popular tea. Bathed in warm sunlight from Spring to Summer and harvested for its soft character. In our gin, it adds a refreshing profile with a mild earthiness.

Gyokuro Tea

These special tea leaves are shielded from sunlight for 3-4 weeks. The subsequent increase in amino acids elevates our gin with its strong umami and soft bitterness.

Sanshō Pepper

The Japanese have utilised the unique aroma of sanshō from ancient times. We harvest budo sanshō, renowned as the most exquisite, for its crisp, spicy finish.


Step into a world of exquisite collaborations celebrating the launch of our new Sakura gin.

Maison 21G offers a bespoke Sakura parfum, while Janice Wong invites you to a dreamy chocolate affair amidst cherry blossoms. Then, join Nutmeg & Clove for dessert omakase, pairing Seoul mixologist Soko Son's creations with Chef Makoto's desserts. Finally, don't miss out on Neon Pigeon's sensory journey crafted by celebrated Chef Ayaka Terai and bartender Atsushi Suzuki.

Each event promises to immerse you in the enchanting world of Sakura.

Maison 21G

Limited Quantities
The fleeting beauty you didn’t realise you could enjoy year round: ROKU finds full expression in this limited edition Sakura fragrance, available while Spring lasts.

Janice Wong

1 April - 30 April
Imagine a dreamy afternoon amidst cherry blossoms at Gardens by the Bay, indulging in a delicious Sakura cocktail and artisanal bon bons.
A Sakura cocktail and dessert pairing that's mouthwateringly good: Seoul's mixologist extraordinaire, Soko Son, meets AMI Patisserie's Chef Makoto in omakase heaven.

Neon Pigeon

17 April
Only 4 seatings left! Sakura cocktails, parfum, and omakase come to life in the ultimate sensory journey by renowned Japanese chef Ayaka Terai and bartender Atsushi Suzuki.
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