2 Apr - 12 May


80 Bras Basah Rd,
Level 1 Fairmont,

Daily: 1200 - 2400

Introducing "Blossom Fizz": A creamy, light, and refreshing twist on Lead Mixologist Marlon Aseoche's favorite cocktail, the Kaikan Fizz, originating from Japan.

In this variation, the delicate Sakura flavor is elevated with the addition of berries and cacao. Roku Sakura Bloom adds a subtle saline touch and essence of cherry blossom to the cocktail, beautifully complemented by the richness of cacao and berries. The creamy undertones evoke the airy delight of Hanami, creating a butter-soft, highly drinkable Gin Fizz cocktail.

Lead Mixologist, Marlon Aseoche

Meet Marlon, a charismatic bartender with a touch of magic and boundless creativity. With over a decade of experience and a flair competition title under his belt, Marlon brings a unique perspective to his work: a deep-seated passion for music and art that influences his process of cocktail crafting.

ANTI:DOTE's lead mixologist understands that seasonality plays a significant role in food and beverage culture, enabling us to savour the fine offerings of each season, much like ROKU Sakura Bloom. He hopes to impart the essence of Spring at its peak in his creation.

Blossom Fizz

(by Lead Mixologist, Marlon)

Indulge in the Blossom Fizz by Lead Mixologist Marlon: ROKU Sakura Bloom, cherry berry, cacao, vanilla cream, and soda unite in a tantalising concoction, offering a harmonious blend of Sakura-inspired delight in every sip.


(by Bartender, Muthukumar)

Introducing "Myoga" by Bartender Muthukumar: a tantalizing blend of ROKU Sakura Bloom, infused with the delicate essence of vermouth, and enlivened with a hint of cola for a unique twist. This exquisite concoction is elevated with a subtle touch of ginger flower tincture, adding a refreshing and aromatic flair.


(by Head Mixologist, Kingston)

This cocktail by Head Mixologist Kingston is a daring fusion of ROKU Gin and the floral elegance of elderflower, harmonised with the Nordic spirit of Aquavit. Mid-sip, the cocktail takes an unexpected turn with fresh asparagus lending a crisp and earthy note. Enhanced by the delicate sweetness of Sakura apple and balanced with a touch of salted milk.

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