2 Apr - 12 May


100 Peck Seah Street,
Oasia Hotel Downtown,

Mon- Thur: 1700 - 2300
Fri: 1700 - 2400
Sat: 1500 - 2400

In a lively blend of flavours, "Cin Cin Japonica" whisks drinkers away to the heart of Japan. Delicate floral hints from ROKU Sakura Bloom weave seamlessly with the lively zest of calamansi juice and the tropical sweetness of passionfruit juice.

A hint of agave syrup adds a gentle layer of sweetness, harmonising with the cocktail's tart profile. To conclude, a foamy topping that completes the experience with its velvety texture.

Lead Bartender, Allen Panganiban

With over a decade of experience working with the umbrella group that runs CIN CIN, Lead Bartender, Allen Panganiban, brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the craft of mixology.

At CIN CIN, modernist handcrafted cocktails take centrestage, complemented by warm hospitality and convivial bartenders. With Allen at the helm, patrons are treated to an unforgettable experience, whether they're indulging in delicious bar grub or sipping on expertly crafted cocktails.

Cin Cin Japonica

A vibrant fusion of flavours to transport you to the heart of Japan. ROKU Sakura Bloom's delicate floral notes intertwine gracefully with the zesty tang of calamansi juice and the tropical sweetness of passionfruit juice. A touch of agave syrup brings a subtle depth of sweetness, perfectly balancing the tartness. Complete with a foamee topping for velvety texture.

Cin Cin Kyoto Sour

ROKU Sakura Bloom provides the floral backdrop, complemented by the smooth elegance of Kinki Junmai sake. Fresh lemon juice for zesty brightness, and agave syrup to lend a subtle sweetness. The unexpected addition of pickled ginger infuses each sip with a subtle yet tantalizing kick. Raise your glass and say "Cin Cin" to the flavors of Kyoto!

Gin Expresso Martini

The boldness of ROKU Gin combined with rich, velvety espresso. Adding a luscious layer of creaminess, Baileys Irish Cream enhances the drink's texture while imparting a hint of indulgent sweetness. Balanced with a touch of agave syrup.

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