2 Apr - 12 May

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120 Tg Pagar Rd,

Tue - Sat: 1700 - 2330

In "The Dawn Chorus," the gentle floral aromas of ROKU Sakura Bloom blend perfectly with the luxuriousness of ube cream - creating a smooth texture that embraces the taste buds.

Introducing red wine brings depth to the mix, while lively citrus offers a rejuvenating tang. A mild hint of warmth arises from the combination of clarified cinnamon milk, providing a comforting sensation that's beautifully offset by the brightness of lemon.

Head Bartender, Justin Su

A seasoned barman with a heart for service and hospitality, Justin is well-versed in classic cocktails. However, bartending wasn’t always his chosen career path until he stumbled upon it and realised its potential for creativity and connection.

A self-confessed G&T lover, Justin appreciates how gin as an accessible spirit, allows cocktails to shine. With a penchant for herb and spice profiling, he easily crafts extraordinary tipples imbued with a refreshing dash of sincerity and charm.

The Dawn Chorus

Our gin's delicate floral notes harmonise with the richness of ube cream, creating a velvety texture that caresses the palate. The addition of red wine infuses complexity, while the bright citrus lends a refreshing zest. A subtle warmth emerges from the blend of clarified cinnamon milk, adding a comforting touch balanced by the clarity of lemon.

Shiso Martini

ROKU Sakura Bloom sets the stage with its delicate floral essence, while the shiso-infused vermouth adds a refreshing herbal undertone, elevating the classic martini experience. The pièce de résistance? A playful surprise awaits with an orange shiso-wrapped peach jelly garnish, offering a burst of fruity sweetness that dances on the tongue.

Miso Collins

A refreshing twist on a classic favourite: ROKU Gin's botanical complexity is complemented by the bright acidity of fresh lemon juice. But the real star of this cocktail? The unique addition of miso syrup, infusing each sip with a subtle umami richness that delights the palate. Finished with a splash of soda for effervescence.

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