2 Apr - 12 May


7 Raffles Ave,
The Ritz-Carlton,

Sun - Thur: 0900 - 2400
Fri - Sat: 0900 - 0100

Blooming Jasmine," is a sophisticated concoction that draws on ROKU Sakura Bloom with its delicate floral aromas, as its base. Enhanced by the vibrant zest of Citrius Stock, it offers a refreshing burst of citrus tang.

The addition of grapefruit honey syrup delicately balances the floral intricacy of elderflower, culminating in a balanced medley of flavours. Topped off with soda water for a light effervescence, it's a refined and refreshing libation.

Senior Bartender, Cassandra Sim

Hailing from a biomedical engineering background, Cassandra (pictured furthest left) found her calling in the hospitality industry due to her passion for connecting with people. Cassandra believes that one's drink choice reflects their personality and aims to craft bespoke cocktails to match guests' preferences.

You'll find her behind the bar most days of the week, eager to infuse fresh ideas into the Republic experience. Beyond work, she indulges her geeky side by building computers and immersing herself in online gaming.

Blooming Jasmine

An elegant elixir crafted with ROKU Sakura Bloom and blossoming with floral notes. Bright zest of Citrius Stock adds a refreshing citrusy tang, while grapefruit honey syrup lends a subtle sweetness, perfectly complementing the floral complexity of elderflower. Finished with a light effervescence from soda water.


Pure sunshine in a glass is how we like to describe this mix. ROKU Sakura Bloom embodies all the freshness of spring, offset by Nigori sake's smooth and creamy profile. Then vibrant zest of Citrius Stock for a burst of citrusy brightness. To elevate this cocktail's floral allure, Hibiscus rose honey imparts a subtle sweetness, adding layer after layer of complexity.


This cherry blossom cocktail is made for spring sipping. It’s a sour that's bright and jammy with subtle floral notes and warming cherry liqueur. Lillet Blanc adds complexity, infusing the drink with floral and citrusy notes, while Heering Cherry Liqueur lends its typical rich and luscious sweetness.

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