Maison 21G

The Essence of Sakura, Distilled

Come closer, Spring's allure beckons.

Step into a world of sensory pleasure as Maison 21G and ROKU Gin unite to craft the limited edition Spring Kaze, bottling the essence of ROKU Sakura Bloom. An exclusive fragrance, distilled into 30ml bottles, and available islandwide at Maison 21G stores.

And for a truly immersive experience, selected bar outlets including Smoke & Mirrors, Manhattan, and Republic Bar entice with the promise of an aromatic journey: indulge in three ROKU Sakura Bloom cocktails in one seating, and receive a 2.4ml bottle of Maison 21G's signature
Eau De Parfum.

Join us in celebrating this special collaboration and drink in the heady beauty of Sakura blossoms and the joy of Hanami.

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Step into a world of exquisite collaborations celebrating the launch of our new Sakura gin.

Maison 21G offers a bespoke Sakura parfum, while Janice Wong invites you to a dreamy chocolate affair amidst cherry blossoms. Then, join Nutmeg & Clove for dessert omakase, pairing Seoul mixologist Soko Son's creations with Chef Makoto's desserts. Finally, don't miss out on Neon Pigeon's sensory journey crafted by celebrated Chef Ayaka Terai and bartender Atsushi Suzuki.

Each event promises to immerse you in the enchanting world of Sakura.

Janice Wong

1 April - 30 April
Imagine a dreamy afternoon amidst cherry blossoms at Gardens by the Bay, indulging in a delicious Sakura cocktail and artisanal bon bons.
A Sakura cocktail and dessert pairing that's mouthwateringly good: Seoul's mixologist extraordinaire, Soko Son, meets AMI Patisserie's Chef Makoto in omakase heaven.

Neon Pigeon

17 April
Only 4 seatings left! Sakura cocktails, parfum, and omakase come to life in the ultimate sensory journey by renowned Japanese chef Ayaka Terai and bartender Atsushi Suzuki.
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