2 Apr - 12 May


1 Cuscaden Rd,
Level 2 Conrad Singapore Orchard,

Tue – Thur: 1700 - 2400
Sat: 1700 - 0100
Sun: 1200 - 1500

ROKU Sakura Bloom characterises the best of Japanese gins – gorgeously aromatic, balanced in its complexities, and smooth to the palate.

Here, the cocktail is infused with ROKU's captivating aroma of cherry blossoms while achieving a rich mouthfeel with the addition of honey and velvety egg white. The profile is further enhanced by the delicate sweetness of lychee ferment and the lively freshness of cherry tomato, evoking the essence of spring.

Floor Manager, Anna Princena

Consistently ranked in the World’s 50 Best Bars, Manhattan is reminiscent of a grand hotel bar, modern, yet with a touch of old New York glamour. And its resident mixologist, Anna Princena, is no different. Originally from Manila and armed with a decade's worth of experience, Anna crafts cocktails that are as timeless as they are inventive.


ROKU Sakura Bloom infuses the drink with the enchanting essence of cherry blossoms in full bloom. Honey coupled with velvety egg white creates a luxurious mouthfeel. Enhanced by the subtle sweetness of lychee ferment and the vibrant freshness of cherry tomato, the cocktail's profile evokes the beauty of springtime.

Apple Blossom

Infused with the subtle sweetness of apple flower, this Sakura cocktail blooms with the crisp, refreshing taste of freshly picked apples. Oat brings a hint of earthy richness, while jasmine adds a floral aroma that dances on the palate. Muyu Vetiver Gris completes the ensemble with its unique blend of botanicals, adding depth and complexity to this enchanting concoction.

Matcha Alexandre

A luscious cocktail that marries rich matcha with the sophistication of ROKU Gin. This concoction begins with the earthy depth of matcha, lending a vibrant green hue and a hint of bitterness. Creme de cacao brings a decadent chocolatey sweetness, perfectly balanced by the creamy texture of fresh cream. Lastly, a touch of Noe Pedro Ximenez to impart subtle richness.

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