2 Apr - 12 May


5 Raffles Ave,
Mandarin Oriental,

Sun - Thur: 1700 - 2400
Fri - Sat: 1700 - 0100

The creative force behind this cocktail, Bar Manager Charlie Kim, considers the martini his favourite gin-based concoction. In homage to the classic, but with a twist, his creation embraces ROKU Sakura Bloom's delicate floral essence, opting for simplicity, and allowing its unique profile to shine.

A distillate of maraschino cherry, subtly acidic and saline, complements without overshadowing the gin's essence. This nuanced approach allows drinkers to experience a martini like no other.

Bar Manager, Charlie Kim

Amidst the lively crowd at MO Bar, Charlie Kim holds court with his charming smile and masterful mixology. As bar manager, he frequently refines menu offerings, aiming to keep cocktail crafting as collaborative and current as possible.

Under his leadership, MO Bar introduces the Blue Print menu celebrating Singapore's architectural heritage. For Charlie, a great cocktail allows the drinker to recognise most of the listed ingredients, leaving lingering curiosity sip after sip.

Under The Sakura Tree

Introducing a serene escape captured in a cocktail. ROKU Sakura Bloom sets the scene, infusing the drink with the delicate essence of cherry blossoms. Distilled Maraschino distilled adds depth, while Sakura syrup enhances with floral sweetness. Balanced with a touch of acid and salt, this cocktail is pure Springtime bliss.

Yuzu Look For Me

A cocktail that beckons with the bright allure of yuzu and the delicate charm of ROKU Sakura Bloom. Fresh pear adds sweet juiciness, while yuzu puree infuses a zesty citrus tang. Cointreau adds a hint of orange liqueur sophistication, complemented by the vibrant acidity of lemon. Refreshingly zesty!

Coming Spring

Infused with ROKU Gin as its foundation, the cocktail harmonises Bianco's delicate sweetness with vibrant citrus notes. The addition of lavender cordial lends a fragrant, floral touch, evoking aromas of blooming gardens. Topped with a light soda fizz, this harmonious blend celebrates Spring's arrival.

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