2 Apr - 12 May


53A Duxton Rd,
Entrance via RAPPU,

Daily: 1800 - 2400

What grows together, goes together," is how Group Beverage Manager, Reshawn Choo describes the inspiration behind his creation, "Rhubarb." His choice of ingredients was heavily influenced by the seasonal ingredients found during spring such as rhubarb, and the spring herbs which make up spring vermouth.

ROKU Sakura Bloom's floral notes are a perfect match for the fresh notes from rhubarb and spring vermouth, giving the cocktail a light, fresh, floral and tart profile. Topped with dried strawberries to give drinkers a burst of fruitiness at the start.

Group Beverage Manager, Reshawn Choo

Reshawn Choo of GOHO is renowned for his unconventional and inventive cocktail-making style. His work exudes a mischievous spirit and the determination to defy convention. Despite his daring approach, the outcomes consistently validate his methods.

With over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, Reshawn derives immense fulfilment from seeings guests leave his bar happier than when they arrived. He aspires for "Rhubarb" to evoke a distinct sense of springtime ambiance, allowing guests to feel connected to the season and their surroundings.


Celebrates the fresh flavours of spring. ROKU Sakura Bloom's delicate floral notes intertwined with the tart and tangy twist of wild rhubarb. Spring vermouth adds a subtle herbal complexity, perfectly balancing the sweet and sour elements of the concoction.


ROKU Sakura Bloom with the addition of fragrant jasmine creates a bouquet of grace. Infused with the subtle brininess of sea herbs, this floral cocktail evokes the freshness of coastal landscapes and invigorating ocean air.

Kiwi & Melon

Roku Gin serves as the perfect canvas, its botanical complexity harmonising with the natural sweetness of clarified kiwi and the juicy freshness of melon. Each sip is a burst of fruity delight, with the crispness of kiwi and the succulence of melon dancing on the palate in perfect harmony.

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