2 Apr - 12 May

The Backdrop

Voco Orchard,
581 Orchard Road,

Wed - Thur, Sun: 1800 - 0200
Fri - Sat: 1900 - 0300

Japan has more than 70 words for cherry blossoms and "In Bloom" celebrates this national cherry blossom fervour with ROKU Sakura Bloom. Fresh sage adds herbal depth, while jasmine flowers brewed in coconut water infuse floral sweetness.

A touch of acidity and juicy peach enhance the flavour, crafting a layered cocktail experience reminiscent of springtime in Japan.

Owner & Master Bartender, Dario Knox

Founded by four-time Asia's 50 Best Bars & World's 50 Best Bars Master Bartender Dario Knox, The Backdrop is a lifelong vision come to life. With over 19 years of dedicated bartending experience, Dario is often found playing the role of mentor to aspiring mixologists.

Head to The Backdrop and witness Dario (not pictured) rewriting cocktail history with his groundbreaking technique, Percolated Cocktails.

In Bloom

Japan has more than 70 words for cherry blossoms and this blossom obsession is reflected in the seasonal cocktail, "In Bloom" with ROKU Sakura Bloom as its base. Fresh sage leaves infuse a herbal complexity, while jasmine flowers, brewed in coconut water, impart a floral sweetness. A subtle acidifier and the juicy sweetness of peach adds a touch of brightness to elevate the flavour profile.

Sakura Martini

This is a lighter, contemporary martini owing to its base of sake and gin. Yuzu sake infuses the elegant ROKU Sakura Bloom botanical profile with a citrusy brightness, while Citrius adds added tangy complexity. Enhanced with fresh tarragon and a green cardamom percolation, subtle warmth and spice round out this cocktail with depth and character.

Royal Aviation

The Aviation cocktail originated during the early days of aeronautics, a time when flying was considered a privilege accessible only to the wealthy. Named due to the cocktail's sky-blue colour, The Backdrop has swapped the usual crème de violette with cassis instead, adding depth and dimension to this drink's profile. Kidney bean water, an unexpected ingredient, provides a silky texture and subtle nuttiness.

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