2 Apr - 12 May

Live Twice

18-20 Bukit Pasoh Rd,

Sun - Mon: 1800 - 2400
Wed - Thu: 1800 - 0100
Fri - Sat: 1800 - 0200

Presenting 'Awaken,' a creation inspired by Principal Bartender, David Kim's memorable trip to Osaka and the ROKU Gin distillery. Delving into Japan's seasonal beauty, particularly the vibrant springtime captured by ROKU Sakura Bloom, left an indelible mark. The patient cultivation of ROKU's botanicals brought similarly-cultivated cherries to mind as the perfect complement to the gin's soft, floral notes.

In crafting this libation, David's goal was to preserve the fresh, vibrant flavour of the cherries, ensured by his slow, overnight infusion of homemade cherry syrup. The result? A sakura cocktail anyone can enjoy, with subtle almond undertones that truly highlight the essence of ROKU Sakura Bloom.

Principal Bartender, David Kim

Born in Jeonju, South Korea, avid adventurer David Kim started his bartending journey in 2015 and arrived in Singapore a year later, starting in prestigious hotel bars.

The Diageo World Class finalist has steadily held rank since joining the group at the start of 2022 and hasn't looked back since.


Enhanced by homemade cherry syrup, this cocktail is a burst of sweet, fruity indulgence, evoking the flavours of springtime. Live Twice adds their own Spring Amaro concoction for a touch of herbal complexity, elevating the libation with subtle depth. Finished with a splash of soda for refreshment.


ROKU Sakura Bloom sets a serene tone with its ethereal floral profile, while Mancino Sakura Vermouth adds nuanced botanical notes. Lychee liqueur brings a touch of exotic sweetness, coupled with the gentle tartness of clarified rhubarb juice to create balance.


ROKU gin, infused with delicate sakura leaf, lays the foundation, imparting a subtle floral essence. Red bean cordial adds a touch of sweet nostalgia, reminiscent of traditional Asian flavours, while melon liqueur evokes fruity freshness. The addition of creme de cacao lends a velvety richness. Ending with a creamy texture, "BLOOM" unfolds on the palate like a blossoming flower.

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