2 Apr - 12 May

Mixology Salon

1 Nanson Rd,
#02-07B InterContinental Robertson Quay,

Mon, Wed & Thur: 1600 - 2300
Fri - Sat: 1600 - 2400
Sun: 1500 - 2200

Award-winning craft cocktail bar Mixology Salon in Tokyo needs no introduction. Anchoring their newest creation, "Haru", is the unmistakable presence of ROKU Sakura Bloom - serving as the cocktail's springtime-inspired foundation.

Infused with the subtle essence of aromatic wood, Hinoki Vodka adds a distinctive layer of complexity. While pineapple juice contributes tropical sweetness, complemented by syrup to deepen the profile.

Manager & Head bartender, Kaoru Takii

Master mixologist Kaoru Takii, protégé of Mixology Salon founder, Shuzu Nagumo, helms the bar at Mixology's first overseas outpost.

Maximising the versatility of tea as a bartender's ingredient, Kaoru ensures tea's prominence in every cocktail on the menu. His creations, predominantly light and perfectly balanced, make ideal aperitifs to kickstart your evening dining experience.


Hinoki Vodka adds a hint of aromatic woodiness, reminiscent of the fresh scent of pine forests. Pineapple juice brings tropical sweetness, balanced by syrup for depth. A squeeze of lemon adds a bright zing, while lavender bitters impart subtle floral notes that linger. Finished with soda for effervescence. And throughout, ROKU Sakura Bloom as this cocktail's springtime base.

Sakura Tea Tail

"Sakura Tea Tail" brings together the essence of ROKU Sakura Bloom and the tranquility of a blooming garden. Jasmine tea adds fragrance, while strawberry essence and strawberry liqueur bring tart sweetness, perfectly balanced by a citric solution that adds brightness and freshness to the mix.

Sencha ROKU Tonic

An invigorating twist on the classic gin and tonic. ROKU Gin, infused with the delicate essence of Sencha green tea, forms the backbone of this libation, infusing it with a subtle botanical complexity and a hint of Japanese sophistication. Paired with crisp tonic water and soda water, this cocktail offers a light and effervescent experience that refreshes the senses.

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