2 Apr - 12 May

Taylor Adam

1 Raffles Pl,

Mon - Wed, Sat: 1700 - 2400
Thur - Fri: 1700 - 0100

Intended to bring the sakura season into a glass, a whiff of "Flora" first greets guests with the fresh scent of basil leaves, complemented by a sip of floral sweetness and refreshing sourness. Subtle saltiness come through along with the floral notes, pairing perfectly with ROKU Sakura Bloom's unique botanical profile.

Stay Gold's choice to elevate ROKU's profile centres on basil leaves. Muddled to intensify both scent and flavour, the leaves add depth to the cocktail. A touch of salt then layers another dimension of taste, completing this seasonal marvel.

Head Mixologist, Isaac Wong

Renowned for infusing his unique twist into classic cocktails, Isaac brings over 5 years of experience from a highly-ranked Japanese concept bar to the world of bespoke cocktails, aligning perfectly with Taylor Adam's craftsmanship. A master of Japanese-style bartending, Isaac excels in creating the timeless Old Pal cocktail.

Through this partnership, Isaac aims to impart his own gratitude for the sakura season through cocktails featuring Roku Sakura Bloom. He finds nothing more rewarding than seeing a guest head back with a smile, eager to return for another round.


An elegant elixir crafted with ROKU Sakura Bloom and blossoming with floral notes. A squeeze of lemon and lime juice brightens flavours, while basil leaves infuse a herbaceous freshness, perfectly complementing the floral complexity of elderflower. A hint of salt balances the sweetness, elevating the complexity of this concoction.


Starlino Rosso Vermouth combines an old standby (red vermouth aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels) with an obscure but trendy Italian aperitif (Cynar, pronounced chee-nar). Combined with ROKU Sakura Bloom and Pimm's No. 1, this cocktail intrigues the palate with its floral freshness and light herbal bitterness.


Presenting Taylor Adam's take on the Verdant Lady, an unusual concoction with gin and green chartreuse as its base. Made by French monks since the 1700's, green chartreuse has a medicinal taste and herbal punch that's a great fit for ROKU Gin's botanical profile. Warm and hearty but fresh and green at the same time.

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