2 Apr - 12 May

Stay Gold

69 Amoy St,
Amoy Street Food Centre,

Mon - Sat: 1700 - 2400

Stay Gold's creations whisk guests away on a journey through Japan's mesmerising Hanami season, capturing the essence of three distinct stages amidst sakura blooms.

"Shun Gyo" embodies the freshness of dawn, "Haru Kaze" invokes tranquil afternoons spent picnicking beneath cherry blossoms, and "Yoru Nikakeru" evokes the bittersweet departure from Hanami under the cover of night.

In “Shun Gyo,” peach tea imparts dry fruity notes and amaretto adds dimension, contrasting, yet complementing, ROKU’s sakura blossom profile. A sakura flower garnish completes the cocktail with its soft scent of pollen, petals, and nectar - immersing guests in Japan’s spring.

Senior Bartender, Leona Lee

Meet Leona Lee, a highly spirited Senior Bartender at Stay Gold. Her journey from bartender to mixologist unfolded during a year of global exploration, absorbing diverse influences before returning home to pursue her true calling.

Leona excels in crafting bespoke tipples and orchestrating unforgettable experiences. From inventory management to menu creation, her passion for mixology shines through as she serves up liquid courage with high-energy enthusiasm, turning ordinary evenings into extraordinary adventures.

Yoru Nikakeru

The deep richness of Campari, with its orange pith and tart grapefruit notes, supports ROKU Sakura Bloom without taking away from the dry sophistication of vermouth. Rosso adds rich sweetness, while Muyu Chinotto Verte infuses a unique herbal complexity to this cocktail fusion of bold flavours and subtle elegance.

Shun Gyo

This interesting cocktail of sakura, peach, and Disaronno offers a sweet, tart, and lightly nutty sip of summer. Peach tea infuses a refreshing sweetness, Disaronno adds a hint of almond richness, and peach oleo saccharum enhances the drink with a velvety texture and intensified peach essence.

Haru Kaza

Presenting Stay Gold's take on the classic Tom Collins with a recipe that's fruity and fresh, perfectly sweet, and a whole lot of delicious. Crafted with the nuanced infusion of ROKU Gin with shiso - the same building blocks that make any sour drink work are at play here, consisting of a balance of simple syrup and lime juice, mixed with a similar volume of bubbly strawberry soda.

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